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Finding the best balance transfer credit cards isn’t as easy as one may think. While all the major banks and credit card issuers offer balance transfer deals, not all of these offers are the same. Not by a long shot.

You can bet the players and coaches are feeling the pressure of defending that 17th title, but you should be feeling the pressure as well. Your pressure is to run and get your Boston Celtics tickets before it’s too late! Celtics ticket holders from as far back as have enjoyed the privilege of watching some of the mostĀ  famous and greatest names in the game including Larry Bird Kevin McHale Bob Cousy and Bill Russell. You’d better buy your chance to witness history before it’s too late – go and get your tickets to watch the Boston Celtics defend their World Title.

Boston Celtics tickets are not coveted merely by Celtics fans. Sure, the Celtics are the defending National NBA Champs, having beaten the Los Angeles Lakers in June, 2008. And sure the Celtics have a great place to play and watch the games their home the TD Banknorth Garden. Celtics tickets are also sought by people who appreciate a good business and a franchise with such a history of success. In pre-season play this year, the Celtics haven’t quite found their zone yet. They lost their first game to the Philadelphia 76ers by 6 points. But pre-season is the time to work out the kinks, and the loss has done nothing more than make the Celtics more determined than ever to play hard, and defend their title.

The IRS is currently running a so-called “Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative.” This allows taxpayers until August 31, 2011 to file any back FBARS. This is essentially an amnesty program where the penalty is 25% of the highest value of the account between 2003 and 2010. Taxpayers that enter this program must submit all originally filed returns and amended returns detailing the type of previously unreported income from 2003 through 2010. All of the income tax, interest and penalties assessed must be paid with these filings. They must also file all of the FBARS for this time period.

As with anything in life, there is nothing that is absolute (except for item #6. But, no wait, even that can be an option.). Generally speaking, these six points are to be avoided. You as an individual need to take inĀ  this information and swill it around in your head. Seek advice. Ideally, you’ll speak to someone who is not financially invested in the solution you choose.

Borrow from family. This is just a bad bad bad idea. Money with banks and governments are temporal. They invent it and print it at their leisure. Money from family is a result of hard sweat and labour. You can walk away from debts to institutions and bounce back. It’s called bankruptcy. You cannot walk away from debts to family. It’s forever. And it’s called dis-inherited. Sadly, I’m speaking from experience here.

US Home owners will be rock solid for their retirements. In exchange, Social payments will be reduced. This is like raising income of each household for almost $ 20-30,000 forever. In exchange, home owners will give you 2nd TD at 1% interest rate (which Banks offer you anyway). You will be paid back when property is sold or refinanced again. Additionally home owners will loose mortgage deductions.

Different items and materials are charged at different rates. Don’t forget to account for these anomalies. You might want to do some research with the Canada Border Services Agency first.

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